About us


Our services are based on our business concept: CountQuest, through unique expertise, high level of service and independence from specific tools, will deliver customised decision-making support for companies and organisations with an active digital presence.

Measurement + Analysis = Decision making

Data that can be processed and/or analysed in a way that covers a need for information has to be collected – measurement. Analysis is to process the collected data so it can be used to make decisions.

This work can be done either as an ad-hoc project or on ongoing basis in our Managed Services. Managed Services means that we always have the right skills to produce the right support for decision-making at the right time, via an ongoing agreement.

What does the business concept mean?

Unique skills – CountQuest always adapts to bring the right skills to every project. The skills are a number of different types of consulting profiles which are responsible for different deliverables for customised decision-making support.

High level of service – decision-making support is delivered according to the minimum agreed expectations at the right time.

Customised – the decision-making support is adapted to the organisation’s and end user’s needs.

Decision-making support – Collected, processed and/or analysed data delivered in a custom format.

Tool-independent – CountQuest delivers customised decision-making support regardless of the customer’s choice of tool, upcoming or already made, for collecting data. Our business model is not to sell tools.