Measurement + Analysis = Decision making

Data that can be processed and/or analysed in a way that covers a need for information has to be collected – measurement. Analysis is to processing the collected data so it can be used to make decisions. This work can be done either as an ad hoc project or on an ongoing basis in our Managed Services/System Support.

Managed Services/System Support means that we always have the right skills to develop the right basis for decision-making at the right time, via an ongoing agreement.

Managed Services/System Support

Managed Services/System Support means that a company lets another company handle part of its operations. The company can focus on its core business, leading to better resource utilisation and lower costs.

We call our Managed Services offerings in digital analysis ‘System Support’. In most system support projects, we perform the processes ourselves, such as customised monthly report, data visualisation, training, quality assurance of data and utilisation of new available features.

We have complete technical support for those of you who use Analysis Tools in combination with Tag Management, such as Adobe’s DTM, Google Tag Manager or Tealium. This also applies to the data visualisation tool Klipfolio, with whom we have a partner license.

We also offer mailings/calls to customers through various work orders/requests. For example you may want there to be a campaign follow-up or analysis of movement patterns around a particular behaviour, or you may want to add measurements for a specific function. The work is performed as agreed.