WebTrends Analytics

WebTrends Analytics

WebTrends Analytics has been in the Swedish market since 1995. CountQuest, as one of Sweden’s leading companies in digital analysis, has worked with WebTrends’ various tools since early 2000. We have certified consultants who are experts in optimising WebTrends Analytics and creating report to help you make the right decisions.

WebTrends is a powerful tool thanks to an infinite number of custom variables for collection. All collected data can be used either as dimensions or metrics for reporting. WebTrends is a tool that can be easily adapted to any website.

WebTrends Explore is the latest tool in WebTrends’ offerings. Explore provides ad-hoc segmentation and data mining. WebTrends works with a robust reporting of e-commerce and mobile apps and is compatible with all major Tag Management tools. Close cooperation with Hootsuite, Facebook and Twitter combines the data from your social activities with other data in a clear way. One of the biggest advantages of

WebTrends Analytics is the measurement module for SharePoint, developed in close cooperation with Microsoft. SharePoint’s data repositories are now available for easy measurement out-of-the-box.

We work with reporting and visualisation of data from WebTrends Analytics that needs further refining. We make advanced and customised reports via Excel or use Klipfolio for visualisation and communication of data.